Template Letters

These template letters relate to masks, COVID tests, vaccine requirements and other related medical issues.

Medical Treatment Refused without Covid-19 Test

Template for a preliminary "Letter before Action" to help if you have been refused access to any type of medical treatment without taking a Covid-19 test.

This template letter, with relevant legal and ethical facts referenced, can be edited and personalised to help you state your case to the medical staff involved.

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Template letter for parents to decline Covid-19 vaccination of their child in school

Below is a 'Parent' template letter to help parents withdraw their consent to any offer of Covid-19 vaccines for their child at school, and to challenge any claim that their child has Gillick Competence to consent themselves. The second 'Child' template letter has space for the child to sign and record their own withdrawal of consent alongside their parents.

These letters are a guide to important and useful medical and legal points. They do not need to be used in full, and will need to be edited and personalised as appropriate.

Download 'Parent' Word Doc TemplateDownload 'Child' Word Doc Template

Medical Treatment refused without Covid-19 Vaccine

With increasing reports of people being refused medical treatment or operations until they have had a Covid-19 vaccine, this Template Letter, with relevant legal and ethical facts referenced, can be edited and personalised to help you state your case to the medical staff involved.

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Lawyers for Liberty

What does the law actually say about wearing face masks, mandatory vaccinations or Covid tests? L4L have put together general legal information around mandatory testing, face masks and Covid-19 vaccines and have drawn up Template Letters for you to use and adapt, to give to your employer regarding face masks, testing and vaccine requirements.

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UKMFA Template Letter for Parents Opposing Face Masks for Schoolchildren in Classrooms

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance have written a template letter to help parents who wish to challenge secondary schools (and others) who are insisting on children wearing face coverings in lessons as per the new Government recommendations.

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Law or Fiction - Notice of Liability/Legal Template Letter from Parents to Heads and Local Authorities regarding Face Masks in Classrooms

Law or Fiction have drafted a detailed legal letter which constitutes a Notice of Liability for Harms and a Cease and Desist Order that parents may wish to serve on their school and local authority regarding the implementation of new Government recommendations that all secondary school children should wear facemasks in lessons as well as in corridors and communal spaces.  It outlines the legal responsibilities and duty of care the school has towards its students and the requirements for a risk assessment to have been carried out before implementing a blanket policy like this.

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UKMFA Template Letter for Parents wishing to Decline Mass Lateral Flow/PCR Testing of Schoolchildren

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance have produced a Template Letter Word Document for parents to edit and personalise and send to schools, to decline Covid-19 testing for their children.

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Template Letter for Parents wishing to decline Covid-19 Testing for their Children in Schools

Parental consent is still needed for Covid-19 testing in schools, just like with any medical intervention. Mass testing is not supported by evidence and not recommended by the World Health Organisation, the UK's national screening committee, MHRA or SAGE.  Consent has published a template letter for parents wishing to decline the offer of testing.

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Miri AF Template Letters to challenge many Covid-related situations

Useful Template letters for various situations, written by Miri, to help you to challenge "unlawful and unethical diktats from employers, schools, hospitals and other establishments".

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Rational Global

Useful template letters from legal campaign group Rational Global for employees wanting to challenge face mask requirements at work.

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Us For Them

Useful template letters from children's rights campaign group Us For Them regarding face mask requirements and other restrictions placed on children in schools

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