UKMFA in the Media

Interviews with and presentations by members of the UKMFA team

Unity News Network | Dr Elizabeth Evans Supporting Medical Choice and Informed Consent


UNN's geopolitical correspondent Anthony Webber talks with Dr Elizabeth Evans from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance.

CHD Europe Community Event: Hands Off Our Children - Stop the mRNA Gene-Based Shots


UKMFA CEO, Dr Elizabeth Evans' presentation on “A Crisis in Medical Ethics”, at the Children's Health Defense Europe Community Conference in Brussels on 12th November 2022.

GB NEWS | Calvin Robinson - Common Sense Crusade


UKMFA Director, Dr Elizabeth Evans, and Laura Dodsworth discussing the moral and ethical implications of the Pfizer Executive admission in EU Parliament that Covid jabs were never tested for effect on transmission of virus. It is now apparent that the public were knowingly and deliberately misled by Governments and Health Authorities, in order to coerce them into taking a COVID-19 vaccine, that they may not have wanted or needed, but took solely to protect others.

GB NEWS | Neil Oliver


UKMFA Director Dr Elizabeth Evans and Prof Gus Dalgleish, speaking about the grave safety concerns and ethical issues that should prompt the immediate halt to the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines to children, as requested in the Children's Covid Vaccine Advisory Council (CCVAC) open letter to PM Liz Truss delivered last week.

Statement: CCVAC Open Letter to Liz Truss - Halt COVID-19 Jabs for Children


Outside the gates of Downing Street, UK Medical Freedom Alliance Director, Dr Elizabeth Evans explains why the Children's Covid Vaccine Advisory Council (CCVAC) are urging the new PM, Liz Truss, to halt the rollout to under-18s.  She focuses on the fundamental ethical requirements of all medical treatments - to be proportionate, necessary and to "First do no Harm".

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