NHS Back To Normal Campaign

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UKMFA are supporting a wider call from medical experts, politicians and campaigners to drop the remaining Covid restrictions imposed on NHS staff, visitors and patients.

It is time for the NHS to come into line with the rest of society, to end the draconian restrictions that are causing fear and harm to patients, staff and visitors, and return to normal practice.



UK Government WITHDREW all healthcare setting COVID guidance


Welsh Government WITHDREW Face Mask mandates from healthcare settings


NHS England DROPPED Face Mask requirements for patients/visitors in most settings, and for staff in community and non-clinical settings

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  • Smile Free Campaign - Sign the open letter "End mask requirement in healthcare settings".
  • UKMFA Open Letter to NHS Trust CEOs re Unethical and Restrictive Hospital Visitor Policies - Send to your Hospital CEO, MP and local media to encourage a change in policy.
  • UKMFA Open Letter to NHS Trust/Health Board CEOs re Face Mask Requirements in Healthcare Facilities - Send to your local NHS Trust, GP and MP.
  • UKMFA Open Letter to NHS General Practice Managers re Face Mask Requirements in GP Surgeries - Send to your GP Practice Manager, MP and local media, and share on social media.
  • UKMFA Legal Template Letters for individuals being refused treatment without a Face Mask, Covid-19 Test or Covid-19 Vaccine.  These letters can be edited and personalised to help you state your case to the medical staff involved.

Other Campaign Logos to Share on Social Media Posts

"Patients NOT Prisoners"

"Unmask the NHS"


Details of current UK Medical Freedom Alliance projects.

Medical Freedom International

One of the first UKMFA projects aims to bring together key medical, scientific and legal groups from around the world to create a platform, Medical Freedom International, to reflect the growing expert opinion that is calling for an end to the damaging and oppressive measures implemented by our governments, and to facilitate collaboration between these groups.

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