Employee Vaccine Mandates

Below are links to resources to aid Care Workers, NHS workers, Healthcare workers and other employees who wish to challenge their employer's or Government vaccine mandates.

Fact Sheets

UKMFA Covid-19 Vaccine Exemptions - Legal Summary


This information sheet outlines the current legalities of obtaining a clinical/medical exemption for anyone unable or unwilling to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, which may be required for their employment.

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Workers of England Union Fact Sheet for Employees who are facing Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

The Workers Union of England have put together this useful fact sheet to outline your legal rights and suggested practical actions.  WUoE are actively fighting all vaccine mandates for employees from any sector. We recommend getting in touch with them, and considering joining them, for help and support.

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Covid-19 Vaccine - Informed Consent Legal Summary


We have set out a summary of the current best medical practice and the law when it comes to providing your consent to any COVID-19 Vaccine.

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Medical Exemption Forms

PROMIC Covid-19 Vaccine Medical Exemption Forms


UKMFA and Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH) have created an umbrella organisation called PROMIC (Professionals for Medical Informed Consent and Non-Discrimination) for organisations of health professionals, scientists and lawyers, established in August 2021.

On the PROMIC website we have published three Covid-19 Vaccine Medical Exemption forms - one for a health professional to sign and two self-exemption forms (one for adults and one for under 16s for the parent to sign).

The two main objectives of PROMIC are to facilitate:

  • Properly informed medical consent, especially in relation to COVID-19 vaccination and testing, and;
  • the avoidance of discrimination by governments authorities, institutions or private companies based on an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination or testing status.
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Open Letter

Open Letter to Employers re Proposed Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

20/08/21 UPDATED v2

The UKMFA, Lawyers for Liberty and The Workers Union of England have published an Open Letter, for employees and potential employees to share with employers who are proposing to mandate Covid-19 vaccines on their employees.  It outlines the legal rights of the employee to informed consent and medical freedom, and relevant employment law protections afforded to employees.  It summarises the legal duties of employers. It also summarises the potential risks of Covid-19 vaccines and the trial data which indicates that Covid-19 vaccines do NOT prevent infection or transmission of the virus.

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Legal Advice Network - Open Letter to Government and CQC re Care Home Vaccine Mandates

The Legal Advice Network has written an Open Letter to the UK Government, the CQC and Care England, published 26 July 2021, summarising the existing legislation which deems that any statutory provision for care workers (or any other workers) to be vaccinated is unenforceable. It also warns that if any harm results to care workers from mandated vaccines, this may require compensation from employers.

This is a useful document for a care worker to share with their employer if necessary.

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Template Letters

PJH Law -  "No Jab No Job" Legal Letter


The solicitors PJH Law have put together a legal template letter to help 'unvaccinated employees' to satisfy Government vaccine mandate requirements for employers and gain a Covid-19 Vaccine medical exempt status, thus enabling them to keep their job.

We strongly advise that anyone facing a Covid-19 vaccine mandate from their employer to use this letter to claim and uphold their legal right to informed consent, bodily autonomy and non-discrimination.

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Awakened World - Campaign for Care Workers

New campaign for anyone affected by the Regulations, Awakened World has a dedicated advice page. You can download their Word Doc 'Care Home Worker letter' to send to your employer, and there's also a PDF that explains the relevant law and your legal rights, to inform you and your employer, in the links below.

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Covid-19 Assembly Template Letter for Care Home/NHS Workers to send to their Employer re Covid Vaccine Mandates

The Covid-19 Assembly have published a letter for care home workers to send to their employers regarding compulsory vaccination. The letter has been written by a team of employment solicitors in the UK. It can also be adapted for NHS staff and trades people who go into care homes.

The letter is a free resource and can be used as is, or customised to meet your individual circumstances.

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UKMFA Consultation Response

UK Government Public Consultation on Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for NHS and wider Care Sector Workers


The UK Medical Freedom Alliance has put in this submission to the above consultation which seeks views on mandatory vaccines for NHS and all social care employees.

UKMFA response to the Government Consultation on Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for Care Homes

This UKMFA consultation response was submitted on 19th May 2021. It outlines the medical, scientific, ethical and legal objections to vaccine mandates for care home workers (and other employees). This is a useful educational resource for the public and employers.

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