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UKMFA are supporting a wider call from medical experts and politicians to urgently pause the Children's Covid-19 Vaccine rollout, in light of new, concerning data showing an unexplained rise in all-cause mortality for 15-19 year old males since the Pfizer vaccine was rolled out to this age group. This also coincides with more data showing myocarditis is a very significant risk from the vaccines for this cohort.

This is also in the context of the emergence of the milder variant Omicron, which the vaccine has poor efficacy for, and the high levels of natural immunity in children at this stage of the pandemic - estimated at 80-90% from recent data.

CALL TO ACTION: Please share the letters below with your GP, MP, Public Health Officials and Vaccinators, and also widely on social media.

  • Open Letter to JCVI from the 'Children's Covid Vaccine Advisory Group (CCVAG)' - signed by over 500 medical professionals and scientists.  Any medical professional who wishes to add their name can sign-up:
  • Open Letter 'Review of Child Vaccination Programme' to JCVI from 30 MPs, peers, doctors and scientists:
  • Open Letter from UKMFA with 'Notice of Legal Obligations and Potential Liabilities to anyone Advocating or Administering COVID-19 Vaccines to Children':

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Press Conference "New Safety Signals" - Children’s Covid Vaccine Advisory Group (CCVAG)


On the panel were:

  • Dr Ros Jones, retired paediatrician (Chair).
  • Professor David Livermore, Professor of Medical Microbiology at East Anglia University.
  • Dr Clare Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist.
  • Dr Elizabeth Evans, Director of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance.
  • Professor Angus Dalgleish,  Professor of Oncology at St George's.
  • Maxwell Harrison, a vaccine injured young person.


Details of current UK Medical Freedom Alliance projects.

Medical Freedom International

One of the first UKMFA projects aims to bring together key medical, scientific and legal groups from around the world to create a platform, Medical Freedom International, to reflect the growing expert opinion that is calling for an end to the damaging and oppressive measures implemented by our governments, and to facilitate collaboration between these groups.

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