UKMFA Open Letter to Dr Kamran Abbasi, BMJ Editor in Chief, re Published Article Smearing UKMFA


UKMFA have sent an open letter of complaint to the BMJ Editor in Chief regarding the article linked below, which contains insinuations and unsubstantiated and unreferenced allegations concerning our organisation, and which appears to seek to undermine our contribution to a critical debate of national importance.

BMJ Article: Understanding and neutralising covid-19 misinformation and disinformation

We evidence that the approach of the authors borders on the defamatory, is manifestly unscientific, and falls short of the editorial standards that the BMJ professes to uphold. We were also disappointed not to have been offered the customary “right to reply” by the BMJ before the article was published.  We have requested an immediate retraction of the article and a published apology form the authors.


We are delighted that the BMJ have published in full the UK Medical Freedom Alliance Directors' Rapid Response Letter to the Editors. Other Rapid Responses published on the BMJ website are from Dr Clare Craig (HART) and Dr Ros Jones (CCVAC).

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