Open Letter to Professor Calum Semple re his comments made on a BBC podcast for children re Covid-19 Vaccines


UKMFA has submitted a formal complaint to Prof Semple (Consultant Paediatrician) concerning his comments made on a BBC Podcast, released on 15th September 2021, where he answered children’s questions about the Covid-19 jab.

We set out our grave concerns regarding some of his statements, mainly related to his gross misrepresentation of the Covid-19 vaccine safety profile and his contribution to the propagandisation of Covid-19 vaccines for children. We argue that all medical doctors bear the responsibility to convey information 'comprehensively and based on all available evidence', and that his privileged and influential position of reaching a large audience via the BBC Podcast means it is imperative that he is held to the 'highest standards of ethical medicine', based on scientific evidence. We argue that the simplified, one-sided and propagandised tone and content of his contribution falls far below the bar set by 'good medical practice', disregarding readily accessible safety data and communicating a lack of respect for anyone questioning the narrative.

We request that Prof Semple immediately reviews and retracts his statements and issue a more balanced response to the questions asked, including comprehensive and scientifically validated information regarding the available evidence on safety concerns in teenagers.

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