Joint Open Letter to Helen Stephenson, CEO, Charity Commission re Andrew Bridgen MP's Allegations that the British Heart Foundation (BHF) withheld Data relating to Cardiac Damage caused by COVID-19 Vaccines

31/01/23 UPDATED 23/01/24

UKMFA, Doctors for Patients UK and HART, along with around 100 medical professional cosignatories, have sent an open letter to Helen Stephenson, CEO of the Charity Commission, to express our deep concerns about recent allegations made by Andrew Bridgen MP in the House of Commons.

Andrew Bridgen stated that a whistleblower alleges that the Oxford University Cardiology Research department, whose lead clinician, Professor Charalambos Antoniades is funded by the BHF has withheld important data about COVID-19 vaccine harms, for fear of losing funding from the pharmaceutical industry, and was therefore prioritising funding over patient safety.

We are calling for a full and independent investigation into any suppression of data by the British Heart Foundation itself or by senior BHF grant holders and have made a number of FOI requests in the letter.

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